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  Huge Number Of Infections Prevented In Intensive Care Units
New research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that as many as 200,000 central line-associated...
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Creative design and expert engineering has helped ComforTrac produce the industrys most state of the art traction devices.
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Creative design and expert engineering has helped ComforTrac produce the industrys most state of the art traction devices.

The result of our effort has made using home traction devices simpler and more comfortable.

Ultimately home traction must be effective. Our devices are not only easier to use and more comfortable, but they also provide safe and highly effective traction.

Decontamination unit
Current international situation requires protection of state and population
from highly infectious diseases (for example: Bird flu, SARS, Ebola,
Marbourg, etc.) in this time. The expansion of infection can be evoked
inadvertently or by terrorist attacks.
From these results, that is necessary to ensure safe transport of infected
patient and his isolation and also decontamination of medical staff.

Biobox EBXT-06 is insulating chamber designed for insulation of persons with virulent infection
or of persons affected by biological agent and all other microorganismes, known at present. The
purpose is to make a biological protective space on the under pressure principle. This chamber is
projected for using current objects placed inside and buildings such is inside insulating room,
eventually for using inside air-conditioned and heated tents.
It is designed for protective outside surrounding against the infected persons or the contaminated
persons and things located in the chamber.The main and the transition chamber have anchorages that enable their suspension on the air
construction formed by tubes made of the special polymeric material. The air-inflatable construction allows fast building the biobox, which is easy for manipulation .All building take
just a few minutes.Insulating chamber allows the care of the patient from outside, so that is prevents against the instruments contamination and the staff infection. Monitoring instruments, stands for infusion, instruments for ventilating of patient can be placed outside of the chamber and they are led over the side of the chamber by the help of special hermetic entries. The filter-insulation unit is attached to the wall of the insulating chamber. That ensures the best
available biological protection. The filter-insulation unit sucks off contaminated air inside the
insulation chamber and thorough HEPA – filters supplies clear, filtered air to the surroundings of
insulation chamber. Source of UV radiation built-in the filter-insulation unit ruins microorganisms
which are captured inside the filter and prevents from accumulation of the life bacteria.
Vacuum, produced by the filter-insulation unit inside the main chamber, sucks up ambient air
through the transition chamber, from that the fresh air is distributed by the help of double roof to the main chamber, where the infected people and instruments are placed. In this way they are made the conditions for staying of infected persons and staff, out of using the means of individual protection.

PAD with flashing icon indicators and voice instructions reliable for any lay rescuers

A user-friendly PAD trustworthy for public access use and licensed to administer lifesaving easy treatment for SCA (sudden cardiac arrest).

Fast and practical, is the right solution to save lives everywhere: home, offices, sport facilities, schools, hotels, dentists, airports, railway/bus stations, trains, ferries, discos, beaches, etc.

Available in 2 Energy Versions: Standard 200J
Power 360J

Solid and extremely light (<2kg) to be transported anywhere emergency is required and always ready to guide all lay rescuers visually and audibly with clear instructions in any resuscitation phase, from the application of the electrode pads through the heart massage till the defibrillation.

Just 3 lifesaving steps: Turn On - Place the Pads - Deliver the Shock.

When running Saver One recommends to place the pads to the patient’s chest and then will continuously monitor, detect, and advise defibrillation therapy to treat cardiac arrhythmias.

If required, it suggests the rescuer to give the shock by voice instruction and a flashing green button. The device is ready to deliver the first shock in few seconds and is able to provide one or more shocks to any patient, children as well as adults.

A pre-programmed escalating 3-Shock sequence at bidirectional current adapting to the patient’s real trans-thoracic impedance.

Saver One uses a BTA (biphasic trapezoidal adaptive) technology.
A proven effective biphasic waveform in which current travels in one direction and then reverses polarity to travel in the opposite direction. This technology controls the amount of time that a current is delivered in either direction and is able to compensate the current flow of the energy (varying or controlling it) with the patient’s level of impedance across the chest.

Saver One has a medical ABS structure, shock resistant and crash worthy, with protection against powder and water.

Saver One does not require service program, it runs several self-tests (day/month/half-year) flashing its status with LED indicators.

Saver One grants fast response whenever required thanks to a long-life disposable battery. It can also run with rechargeable battery and both power supplies consent to provide numerous shocks.

A 1GB Memory Card will be able to store up to 40 hours of ECG, events and environmental recordings which the dedicated “Saver View” software can read through and manage.
A built-in IrDA port can transmit data (wireless protocol) to a thermal printer.

  Treatment With Two Osteoporosis Drugs Better at Increasing Bone Density Than Single-Drug Therapy

May 14, 2013 — A combination of two FDA-approved osteoporosis drugs with different...

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  The Recipe For Immortality

The yearning for immortality dates back at least to ancient times. As human brain size increased rapidly over the past millio...

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