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  Huge Number Of Infections Prevented In Intensive Care Units
New research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that as many as 200,000 central line-associated...
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Creative design and expert engineering has helped ComforTrac produce the industrys most state of the art traction devices.
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Own Resources
1. Professional Affiliations

In the extent of its services, PROMEDIS has a formal affiliation with numerous clinics and hospitals across South Africa. This pertains to institutions within the CURAMED and NETCARE environs. We have an affiliation to more than forty three hospitals and specialist clinics and as a result can offer the best possible health-care service to our clients.
In addition to the above, PROMEDIS provides a total support infrastructure by way of the following:

a) Accommodation facilities for patients and immediate family.
b) Secretarial and translations services.
c) Transportation services.
d) Logistics and legal support services.

2. Additional Specialist Services

a) Road - Ambulance service at IC level.
b) Trauma stabilization and transportation medical supportive service.
c) Patient and family comfort services.
d) Emergency sir evacuation service with full medical support.
e) Post trauma and rehabilitation support service
f) Post repatriation health status follow-up.

  Treatment With Two Osteoporosis Drugs Better at Increasing Bone Density Than Single-Drug Therapy

May 14, 2013 — A combination of two FDA-approved osteoporosis drugs with different...

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  The Recipe For Immortality

The yearning for immortality dates back at least to ancient times. As human brain size increased rapidly over the past millio...

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